Wednesday, November 30, 2005


The 45 page UGC document on NIS

A local copy is at

Thanks Manoj for unearthing this.

This May 2004 document illustrates how far the decision regarding NIS had gone. In page 5 it talks about the starting of these institutions in July 2005. Just because the central government changed the name to IISER and perhaps made a few changes, IISERs do not become a new thing. They are at best retooled NISs.

Manoj asks, where is the report for the IISERs?

(ps -- Local copies of the other relevant UGC documents are at

After looking to this Document, Do GOI need any further proof.
It is a shame on our PM and Sonia Gandhi to have a blind eye to the intrest of a neglected state to keep their position intact at the support of left parties. Where is the integrity of INC stelwarts like Shastriji in present leadership.
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