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More IITs -- this time regionally balanced

A snippet:
It said that the IITs should be spread as far and wide and all seven should be in seven different states where neither an IIT nor an IIM existed. “I suggested that institutes of national importance should be dispersed as widely as possible for balanced regional development,'' said Bhalchandra Mungekar, Member (Education), Planning Commission.

I hope the above planning comission member's view prevails and one of these IITs is in Orissa. Nevertheless, we must not get fooled or lulled by this hope. We must pursue to correct the injsutice and get back the announced NIS/IISER. The new IITs may never happen
(see the news in http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/1287774.cms
which has a completely different take), and even if they happen, we will be still behind many of the states. Moreover an IIT in Rourkela will be very good , but being far from Bhubaneswar, the other main metro area of Orissa with a large concentration of private engineering colleges, MCA colleges etc., an NIS/IISER in Bhubaneswar is still extremely important.


The states which neither have an IIT nor an IIM are
Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Rajasthan, Orissa, Punjab, Haryana, J & K, Himachal Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, Pondicherry, Goa, and several of the north eastern states.

Reference: http://iiser.blogspot.com/2005/10/unequal-distribution-of-higher.html

In this regard following is a note I made in
(a more recent site is http://newiits.blogspot.com )

Editor's comment July 1 05:

New IITs should be regionally balanced (i.e, a particular geographical regions should not have too many IITs while another regions has much fewer IITs) and states without any IIT should be preferred over states already with an IIT. Assuming that they will be created by upgradation of exisiting institutes, it should be done based on the current quality of the exisiting institutes. Based on that if , *as an example* (since the ranking mentioned next may not be a proper one), we look at a recent ranking of top 20 T-schools, then we can rule out IT BHU as UP has IIT Kanpur, next NIT Warangal[1] should be made to an IIT, NIT Trichy should be ruled out because of IIT Madras, Thapar Institute[2] should be made to an IIT, DIT Delhi should be ruled out because of IIT Delhi, NIT Surathkal[3] should be made to an IIT, MNNIT should be ruled out because of IIT Kanpur, Punjab Eng should be ruled out because of Thapar Institute, IIIT Hyderabad should be ruled out because of NIT Warangal and because it is a private college, BITS Pilani should be ruled out as it is a private school, next NIT Rourkela[4] should be made to an IIT. This will make the total list of IITs 7 Original + 4 suggested = 11. The distribution will be 4 in North (IITD, IITKanpur,IITRoorkee,Thapar), 3 in South(IITM,Warangal,Surathkal), 3 in east/NE(IITKGP,IITGuwahati,Rourkela), 1 in west(IITMumbai). So the next two IITs should be from the West and West-central part.
Education is a must for everyone, only then a person will communicate and face problems easily in all aspects. Plenty of jobs openings are there but it is meant only for the right candidate, its the right time to develop new skills to become one of the right person what the company/organization expects.
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