Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Samaja exposes the "lies" in the central government affidavit

See http://www.baral.us/orissa/pdf/2005-nov29-samaja.pdf for a more readable pdf document of the photos below.

Following is an English translation of parts of the article.

... On 23rd July 2003 UGC Chairman Dr. Arun Nigevkar wrote an official letter numbered DO#F-1-74/2003 (CM) to Utkal University vice Chancellor Professor Pandav Nayak that HRD minister Professor Manmohan Joshi and PM Atal Veharee Vajpayee are extremely concerned about science research and high quality HRD.

"I notify you with pleasure that UGC has decided to open 4 national institute of sciences in 4 cities. (1) East: Bhubaneswar, in Utkal University, (2) West: Pune, in Pune University Campus, (3) North: Allahbad, in Allahbad University Campus, (4) South: Chennai, in Anna University campus. "

The UGC chair wrote that all these centers will be called National Institute of Sciences. For each center 50 crores will be spent in 5 years. In the 10th five year plan 100 crores has been provisioned for this and another 100 crores has been requested from the planning commission. For the initial phase each center will have 25 crores. Not only that, UGC chair in his letter also wrote that for establishing these 4 proposed National Institute of Sciences a five member high level committee has been formed under the chairmanship of ex vice Chancellor of Pune University Professor R. G. Rede. This committee will make the various rules and regulations for the proposed NISs. Eventhough the proposed institution will open under Utkal University, it was clearly written that it will be autonomous.

1: Was UGC's decision and its chair's letter a lie?

2: Was it a lie that UGC budget had 25 crores each for the 4 NISs?

3: Did the UGC request an additional 100 crores from the planning commission?

4: Aren't the UGC and planning commission part of the central government?

With all these proof how come the HRD ministry filed a completely false affidavit?

It is rumored that the UPA goverment at the center is being driven by the left. The Manmohan government does not have any power or will to make the left leaders from West Bengal unhappy. Here the CM Naveen Patnaik is keen on maintaining his image of a polite person. This behavior of the CM has encouraged the center to betray Orissa.

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