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President of India had announced the establishment of National Institute of Sciences (1 in BBSR) on Dec 28 2003.

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Setting up New NISc

National Institutes of Sciences

India has an opportunity to become the global R & D Hub. For this, the most important intervention would be to selectively and preferentially raise the standards of science education for a small section of bright students taking up science because overall status of science education suffer from severe handicaps. This is essential not only to meet the requirement high quality people in science to man and lead out national lab system and mission oriented agencies that is likely to face crisis in coming years due to large number of senior people retiring, but also to move up the value chain in global R & D services, where India is favourably positioned. This would also provide a new Model of Science Education in the Country. Therefore, it is proposed that a number of new science institutes (to begin with four) may be set-up at different places in the country to be the Centres of Excellence in Science Education. These institutes would occupy prime position in the area of science education as IITs and IIMs occupy for technology and management education in the global setting today.

These institutes would be established at Allahabad near Allahabad University, at Chennai near Anna University, at Pune near Pune University and at Bhuvaneshwar near Utkal University. They would primarily offer integrated five-year basic and applied science education programme, leading to a Masters Degree and would have linkages with National research labs science agencies and industry right from their inception. With a view to ensure that these Institutes come up fast, these will be incubated as a part of the existing premier universities. Though, these Institutes would be, for all purposes, autonomous institutions of the Link Universities with full academic, administrative and financial autonomy. Although the link university will award educational and research degrees to the scholars and students of this Institute in the initial phase, these Institutes will have complete and total freedom to lay down their courses, frame suitable course structure, method of teaching and evaluation. This organic link with the Link universities would be very crucial in the initial phases. Established Universities would help to nurture the Institute till they mature to be on their own.

Formal announcement for setting up of these Institutes was made by HE President of India on December 28, 2003 on occasion of the concluding ceremony of the Golden Jubilee of the UGC. Academic, administrative and financial details have been worked out and the proposal is in the approval process.

See Also Detailed Project Report. (pdf)

Any enquiries or suggestions on this initiative may be addressed to In-charge, New Initiatives & FA (UGC), University Grants Commission (UGC), Bahadur Shah, Zafar Marg, New Delhi -110002. You can reach him at
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