Saturday, November 05, 2005


More thoughts on the proposed IIST (Indian Institute of Science & Tech)

Continuing on with the thoughts in :

The proposed IIST will involve both undergraduates and graduate students in research and teaching. From the second year onwards each students will have to register for a teaching or a research class. To graduate each student will have to have certain number of teaching and certain number of research credits.

Undergraduate students registered for teaching will primarily have the role of a grader, where they will help instructor of a class with grading homeworks, class works, projects, quizes etc. They will be paid for it. Students with financial difficulties can request additional grading load and thus get paid more. Undergraduate student registered for research will work in one of the faculty research labs, and get paid for it. The money will be sourced 50-50 between the faculty and the institute.

The teaching duties at the graduate level will involve teaching a class, or being a teaching assistant of a class. Each Ph.D student has to teach at least two classes before he or she can graduate.

The above involvement in teaching and research will encourage the graduates of the IIST to pursue a career in research and/or academics. This will contribute towards India's desperate need for more first rate scientists and academicians.
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