Saturday, October 29, 2005


IISER issue needs support from all the Oriya bigwigs

Dear Oriya friends
We talk and dream really big to make a difference at least in bringing back the NIS (either as such or as its step sister: IISER form), which will probably be the triumph of the year. But the real point lies is that nobody (READ Netas) really listens to the "Aam Janta," unless we let the influence of power speaks. "Pen is mightier than sword," remains valid only in papers, and the voice really needs to speak (either in press or in parliament), by those who can really shout till they are heard, with these Aam Janta at their back (as their backings).
I really feel great about (touching) 2000 Oriyas, being concerned for the prevailed injustice to Orissa, by signing the online petition. But at the same time why not all the bigwigs (Oriyas of course), from the corporate world, PSUs, intellectual world (for which the fight is all about), media personnel (both sound and electronic) and never the least our mighty politicians (whose efforts can really be countless, if they exercise it in true sense), join hands to exercise their pen, mind and voice, for this great cause.
A few netizens can certainly make a difference, but spreading this message electronically. But the need of the hour remains as strong as: excessive media galore to the issue mostly at national level, and making the injustice public, outside Orissa, as well as a lot of hullabaloo in the parliament, which makes the GoI to rethink its decission, which is taken hurriedly and due to (needless to mention political) pressure.
All those Oriyas, who can really contribute for the cause, are hereby beseeched to kindly give in something (their expertise in respective platforms), which is at their ready disposal.
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