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A memorandum to the PM by retired experts

Memorandum signed by:

Smt. Sabitarani Kanungo, former president, state selection board, Govt of Orissa

Er. Piyush Kanthi Kanungo, former engineer in chief and secretary works, Govt of Orissa

Er. Madan Mohan Kamila, former engineer in chief, roads and buildings, Govt of Orissa

Dr. Bimalendu Mohanty, former vice Chancellor, Utkal Univ of Culture

Sri Hemant Kumar Das, former director of treasuries, member, Orissa Public service comission

Dr. Basant Kumar Dash, former director, Orissa state Forensic science laboratory

Professor Dr. Gokulananda Das, former vice Chancellor, Utkal University

Professor Dr. Niranjan Panda, former Dean OUAT, former vice Chancellor, Sambalpur University

Er. Ranjit Kumar Das, former chief engineer, Irrigation and flood control, Govt of Orissa

Dr. S. K. Roy, former director Veternary services, Govt of Orissa

Prof. Dr. Gunanidhi Sahoo, former director, higher education, Govt of Orissa

Prof. Dr. Basudev Sahoo, former professor, Ravenshaw College

Dr. Dinanath Pathy, author and artist, former secretary, National Lalit Kala Academy

Dr. Rabinarayan Mohanty, former director of Agriculture and Food processing, Govt of Orissa

Shri Sashibhusan Mohanty, former joint director of Agriculture, Govt of Orissa

Sri Ramachandra Samal, former director of mines, Govt of Orissa

Dr. Hemanta Kumar Mohanty, former professor, OUAT

Prof. Dr. Chitaranjan Parija, former Principal, VSS Medical College, Burla

Er. Raj Kishore Sahoo, former chief executive, Govt electrical division, Govt of Orissa

Sri Narayan Patra, former auditor and judicial commentator, Govt of Orissa

Major (Dr.) Kumudini Baral, former Director, Orissa Girls NCC

Shri Subhas Chandra Pattanayak, President Mass Mind


Pdf-to-txt converted memorandum (with many conversion errors)

Dear Esteemed Prime minister:

To the Consultative Committee of our Parliament addressed to Ministry of Human Resources Development, on the 9th December 2003, the then HRD minister Professor M. M. Joshi had revealed that the Union Govemment had decided to establish four National Institutes of Sciences (NIS) at Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Pune and Allahabad. This is documented besides records of Parliamentin link -[1] provided in the footnote.

Sir, when the above decision was awating execution, as a report in www. at 0/07/under-whose-spell-the-prime-minister-hasdone~U (vide Footnote link[2]) indicates, you have passed orders for setting up of Indian Institufe of Science for Education and Research (IISER) one each at Kolkata and Pune respectively, in total disregard to the pending NIS for Orissa. For ready reference we give link No. [3] in the Footnote.

The aim of the National Institute of Sciences that Professor Joshi had announced in December 2003 is the same as the proposed IISERs. Thus, we are at a loss to undelrtand how Bhubaneswar was ignored while clearing the IISER for Kolkata.

Sir, It is extremely unfair on part of the Central Govemment to have obliterated the decision for establishment of a NIS af Bhubaneswar without taking Orissa's aspirations into consideration.
We are providing in the footnote some further e-links for your kind perusal. From them you can see that Onssa does not have any central univelSity [Link No.4], or any institution of national
importance, such as IIT, ISI, etc. [Link No.5], any reputed centrally funded institute such as an
IIM, or any centrally funded IIIT or IIITM. It also does not have an autonomous science and
technology institution of the department of science and technology as listed in footnote link No.[6]. Therefore, for a balance growth of academic infrastructure for education and research in science, the Central Govemment had decided to establish a NIS at Bhubaneswar. The September orders of the PM to shift the same to Kolkata not only deepens the regional imbalance but also chills the hope and aspirations of the people of Orissa.

Sir, It Is unacceptable that the Prime minister of India changes an educational Investment
decision made by an earlier govemment, especially related to a state like Orissa, which has very
little Central Govemment Investment In higher education, even though It has the background to justify establishment of NIS or Its new Avatar IISER. (link [7], [8] and [9] given in the Footnote).

We suspect, the 2003 decision of Govemment of India to give Orissa a NIS was kept concealed
by vested interests while persuading the PM to clear IISER for Kolkata. Had It not been so, we
are sure, the PM would never have done this gross injusuce to Orissa. Netizens of Orissa with high reputation In the field of science and technology, culture, literature, social service and mass communication belonging to 'My Odlsha' group of 'ODIA SAMAJA' have collectively e-mailed you an appeal to please ensure that the National Institute of Science offered originally to Orissa Is not obliterated.

In submitting this memorandum to you, we fully endorse the ODIA SAMAJ appeal and sincerely request you to please withdraw your September decision and in the altemative, to at least add back Bhubaneswar to the list of IISERs, thus bringing back dignity and a sense of fair play to the Government of India.

The e-lInk references:
[2].http://orissamatters.comlnewsnndex.phpf2005/1 0/07/under-whose-spell4he-prime-mlnlster
[3] htlp:f/plb.nlc.infrelease/release.asp?reHd= 12305
[6]. htlp://
[7]. htlp:f/www.pubHc.asu.eduf-cbaraliorissa/nls-why.html
[8]. htlp:/
[9]. http1/"dex.php/2005/10/13/why-an-nisiiserit..mould-be-estat;;stJed/

Sincerely, Bhubaneswar, 20 Oct-05
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