Sunday, October 30, 2005


Orissa sacrificed at the altar of the current government?

The current government would not have existed unless the MPs from West Bengal were alied with Congress. Did this contingent ask for IISER in return, sacrificing Orissa?

While West Bengal already had mega institutions such as IIT, IIM, ISI, and Central Univeristy in Vishwa Baharati, Orissa had none. Yet Orissa had on its own developed small but quality institution such as Inst. of Physics, Xaviers Inst of Management and Inst. of Life Sciences. So its not that Orissa would not have nurtured an IISER or an IIT. It just did not have the political muscle.

Condsidering that, taking into account the lack of such institutes in Orissa, the earlier government had announed setting up of a Nataional Institute of Sciences in Bhubaneswar, we reach the conclusion that Orissa was sacrificed at the altar of the UPA government.

This lays to rest the notion that Dr. Manomohan Singh and Smt. Sonia Gandhi look after the welfare of the country as a whole. As most other politicians, they only care about their gaddi (chair) and having power? What else would explain their snatching of a dream from a poor entity and giving it to a richer entity?
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