Thursday, October 27, 2005


Subterfuge part II

The above articles appeared after Orissa CM's recent visit to Delhi and his meeting with the HRD minister Arjun Singh. These articles bring up, for the first time, something called
"Regional Centre of Studies in Integrated Sciences" and another thing called "National Institute of Science framework". Lets consider the following from the statesman article.

"The Union minister also assured to review the matter relating to the establishment of the Regional Centre of Studies in Integrated Sciences under the National Institute of Science framework. It may be noted that the then NDA government had announced establishment of regional centres of National Institute of Sciences at six places across the country including Bhubaneswar. However, the UPA government has recently decided to set up a regional centre of NIS at Kolkata, fuelling speculations that the proposed Bhubaneswar centre would be shifted to Kolkata."


It seems the central HRD ministry is trying to confuse the Orissa CM and people of Orissa.
The article at
clearly mentions the establishment of four National Institutes of Sciences at Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Pune and Allahabad and the article and the article at
says "four national-level institutes are also being established at Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Pune and Allahabad".

So the use of the phrase "NIS framework" and "Regional Centre of Studies in Integrated Sciences(RCSIS)" are to confuse the issue.

The basic issue is simple. The NDA government had announced the setting of up 4 National Institute of Sciences for promoting science research. The current goverment with the same aim of promoting science research, created the new name IISER so that it could change the locations. Now it is trying to create confusion by terms such as RCSIS, and NIS framework.

Are we so gullible? Does the HRD ministry considers Oriyas to be stupid? Is the CM Naveen Patnaik so gullible? Can't he see what is being done? How could he listen to this nonsense and parrot what he was told to various news media? Where did "6 regional institutions" come from?
How come as of today there is no officer designated, in
to provide information regarding NIS and IISER. Is not this violating the Right to Information act?

If the HRD ministry is saying the truth and not trying a subterfuge it should immediately release all materials related to IISER and NIS to the press and to this blog.
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