Sunday, October 30, 2005


Why did not Orissa submit a proposal for NIS/IISER?

Most likely, because no one asked to.

Earlier, Orissa had sent a proposal for an IIT, and it is probably gathering dust somewhere.
I was a little bit involved in this proposal, and it was an innovative one.

I have myself seen the Orissa government's proposal for an IIIT. IIITs were made in
HRD minister's home states. I was told, Orissa was the first one to propose. (I don't know
if it is true or not)

So, if someone says that IISER was moved because WB had a proposal and Orissa did not;
thats just a ruse.


Nevertheless, if the PM or HRD minister need a proposal from Orissa, I am sure a good
one can be written fairly quickly. I would happily volunteer for it, and if someone gives me the charge, I can guarantee to develop the scientific and education aspects of the proposal in a week.
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