Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Beyond local media in Orissa

So far the local media in Orissa (mainly Samaja and Sambada) are regularly covering this. Efforts are on to get it covered by the national and (in the worst case) inetrnational media.
(In particular, Professor Prabhat Patnaik of JNU has been contacted by the president
of Orissa Society of the Americas. We hope, as a leading economist concerened about India and Indians at all levels, he will write about this injustice.)

Any reader incensed by this injustice is requested to contact national or international media, colleagues, friends, relatives, etc in national and international media about this. For international media , one may use a variation of the short article in http://iiser.blogspot.com/2005/10/short-press-release.html as it brings up the issue, but does not badmouth India too much, as India is dear to our heart too. Also, after the success of blog based protests in forcing US News news anchor Dan Rather to retire, and US Supreme Court nominee (in the US) Harriet Miers to withdraw, it remains an interesting storyline to see blogs and electronic media being used as a medium of protest in the Indian context. This may make it a news of international interest.
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