Thursday, November 24, 2005


A challenge for scribes and journalists

Dear all:

If one goes through the archives of this site ( one will see the tremendous coverage done by various newsmedia on the NIS IISER issue. One may not have realized it but the coverage is partly due to many concerned scribes and journalists who have written these pieces. They also deserve our heartfelt thanks.

They still have a challenge though. So far this has not made it beyond the wire services and Bhubaneswar/Orissa+ editions to the mainstream national media. Lets sincerely hope that efforts for that are on by the scribes and journalists and soon the coverage of this will be in the national media. There are many interesting angles in this story such as:

* outrageous injustice done to Orissa;

* HRD ministry's track record of ignoring states like Orissa, Chhatisgarh, Rajasthan

* A first email/blog initiated and catalyzed protest in India

* A mass protest that has been civil, and without any disruptive methods (such as rasta roko etc.)

and so on, that would be interest to all of India.

best regards
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