Friday, November 04, 2005


An eloquent article by Naveen Patnaik

The above is a really nice article. As we have been arguing that for the all-around growth of India, pockets of it (such as Orissa) should not be neglected, the same goes for Orissa too. For the all-around growth of Orissa, no part of it, and especially the tribal parts of it, should be ignored. In this regard the governments effort towards a central university in the KBK region is laudatory. The Orissa government should immediately make plans for (and implement as quickly as possible) a university in the KBK region, while it negotiates with the central goverment on the central university designation. It should not wait for the central university designation before starting work on it.

Having said the above I wish CM Patnaik was equally eloquent in making his case for the NIS/IISER. From press reports, so far he has written a couple of letters and has met the HRD minister who told him some mumbo-jumbo about regional center. CM Patnaik should write in national newspapers (as he did above) about this gross injustice and expose this injustice across India. I hope he does not think that (a) high paying jobs are not important to Orissa, and (b)Orissa people can only become technicians, they do not have the ability to become scientsists. I am sure he does not, but his feeble actions (w.r.t. NIS/IISER) seem to suggest that a 500 cr investment in higher education and research is not important to Orissa. It seems so far he has taken some miniaml action just to show that he has done something, but he really has not put his weight on the issue.
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