Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Highcourt date for NIS IISER case today (in Oriya) -- if high court can not get document what farce is RTI?

See http://www.baral.us/orissa/pdf/2005-nov8-sambad.pdf

Chitta's comment: This is the third or fourth date on this and the previous postponements are because both the state and the central government have not furnished the documents that the court asked for. It is really funny that now we have a RTI (right to information act) and even the high court can not get the document it asks for and has to postpone the hearing date 3-4 times.

Anyway, the central government may be reluctant to give the documents as it may be afraid that its subterfuge will be exposed. But why is the state not able to give the document it has. What has it got to hide?
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