Wednesday, November 30, 2005


In response to CPI-M leader Basudeb Acharya's statement


CPI-M leader Basudeb Acharya is reported to have sayid:

"I don't think that what Kolkata is getting is the same one that was granted for Bhubaneswar. We were never against the development of Orissa. We will support them."

0. See for why the above claim is bogus.

1. The documents

and the excerpts in

mention the setting up of National Institute of Sciences in Bhubaneswar.

2. The news report in says:

"... On the contrary, the SAC-PM has advocated the creation of two new institutions to be called the National Institute of Science, in Kolkata and Pune. ..."

3. An excerpt from about West Bengal CM's statements:

He, however, expressed satisfaction that the National Institute of Sciences is being set up in the state. The Prime Minister would lay its foundation stone at Salt Lake end-October.

“It’s a piece of good news that we will have the National Institute of Sciences, modelled after Bangalore,” Bhattacharjee said.

4. The article tells the story of NIS becoming IISERs and Kolkata getting in the mix.

Following is an excerpt.

Yet, two years ago, when a group of Pune-based scientists first mooted the idea of a new-age centre for science education and research to stem the brain drain to disciplines like management, Calcutta featured nowhere on their radar screens. Pune was the preferred location.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) later recommended setting up four national centres in Allahabad, Chennai, Pune and Bhubaneswar.

Calcutta became a contender after chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee mounted a campaign early this year. Backed by the Prime Minister, Bhattacharjee submitted a detailed proposal to the Centre.

“Delhi agreed to include Calcutta and in March 2005, asked the state government to prepare the groundwork for setting up the institute,” education department sources said.

In July 2005, the Planning Commission, after examining the ministry for human resource development proposal, recommended that instead of five cities, only Calcutta and Pune should house the centre.

5. Conclusion: The proposed IISER in Kolkata is same as the proposed NIS in Bhubaneswar, when one takes into account the normal evolution of plans from initial announcement to closer to implementation.
First of all I have never heard of this name Basudeb Acharya. But from his statement I can safely presume either he is uninformed or is a coward. Uninformed because he probably does not know there is nothing in a name NIS or IISER, what matters is what activities would go on in the institute, and from that point of view it is one and the same (There are enough documents posted in this blog to prove this technically so I am not going on that angle, this is only logical). It is a political agenda to do the name change so that puns like Mr. Acharya can be puppetized.

On the other hand if Mr. Acharya knows the similarity already then he is a spine less coward to support the IISER moving to Kolkata, instead he should support the fight of getting back the rights of Orissa.

As a fellow Oriya this is an advise to you Mr. Acharya, unless you change your attitude, considering the party that you are in, you can not even get a cabinet minister post in Orissa, forget about any further, this is not my curse but prediction. If you at all get a cabinet minister post in Orissa then send me a mail at, so that I would avoid predicting in the future.
So long.
Prasanna Mohanty
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