Sunday, November 27, 2005


Lalit babu's meeting with the MPs

Dear Friends:

I have submitted memorandum to following MP's in their House, at New Delhi and followings are their personal opinion during the conversation.

1/ Hon'ble Archana Naik MP Lok Sabha
2/ Hon'ble Pramilla Bohidar MP Rajya Sabha
3/ Hon'ble Radhakant Nayak MP Rajya Sabha
4/ Hon'ble Bajayanti Panda MP Rajya Sabha
5/ Hon'ble Rudranarayan Pani MP Rajya Sabha
6/ Hon'ble Birabhadra Singh MP Rajya Sabha

7/ Hon'ble Sushree Devi MP Rajya Sabha
8/ Hon'ble Prasanna Acharya MP Lok Sabha
9/ Hon'ble Bikram Keshari Deo MP Lok Sabha
10/ Hon'ble Mohan Jena MP Lok Sabha
11/ Hon'ble Bhurtahari Mahatab MP Lok Sabha
12/ Hon'ble Parsuram Majhi MP Lok Sabha
13/ Hon'ble Sudam Marandi MP Lok Sabha
14/ Hon'ble Juel Oram MP Lok sabha
15/ Hon'ble Arjun Charan Sethi MP Lok Sabha
16/ Hon'ble Prasanna Patsani MP Lok Sabha
17/ Chandra Sekhar Sahu MP Lok Sabha
18/ Kharavela Swain MP Lok Sabha

I could not contact more than that alone.
Out Of the above some were available in the house and some were not. The high lighted personnalities talked to me personnaly.
Followings are their overall comments in brief:-

They are in unision that in no case they will leave this issue in this Parliament session. Their Dharana in front of Parliament has been high lighted in NDTV, Aaj Tak and all other national TV channal. They have given call motion to be taken up in the parliament next week. Some of them said if all parliamentarian unite than they can jolly well jump to the well of the house to stop the proceeding untill and unless their voice is heard.
Some of them were very vocal and felt humiliated at this decision of shifting. Some of them said that it's very good that intellectuals are coming to the fore front. Some of them said that they will get an appointment from Prime Minister and all of them along with intellectuals from different field an join.
Some of them said that as President is visiting Bhubaneswar in end of December'05, Intellectuals may meet and submit their memorandum. Some of them said that when the House Committe will come to Delhi they will accompany them. Some of them said that he will submit our memorandum to pitition committee and if we will be in problem as we are all working, i said no problem. All of them assurred of their full co- operation to our movement and rather said that it is their movement.

I am going to meet Mr Dharmendra Pradhan tomorrow before leaving for bbsr.

I have specifically written "some of them" not to identify any individual.


Lalit Mohan Pattnaik
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