Tuesday, November 15, 2005


MP Baijayanta Panda promises to take up the NIS issue in the parliament

From: BJ Panda office.bjpanda@gmail.com

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Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 12:41:11 +0530

Subject: Hello All

Dear All,

It has been interesting reading, going through all your postings. While I agree with some views and not with others, I can honestly say that I am glad to see this level of interest, discussion and debate.I am also glad that the original messages I saw from this group --having to do with the shifting of the NIS away from Orissa-- have had an important effect of increasing awareness of and indignation on the issue. The Chief Minister has written to the PM on this matter, and rest assured that we MP's of Orissa will take up the matter during the forthcoming session of parliament.

By the way, contrary to some of the postings here, many MP's of Orissa are active and vocal in Delhi, and in fact several issues have been taken up unanimously by all-party efforts. I am often dismayed at the lack of accurate information in the public domain about the activities of the government of the day (both positive and negative). While the latter will greatly be impacted by new legislation like the right to information act, I worry that lack of information on positive developments will continue to foster more cynicism than is appropriate. In any event, I once again congratulate all members here for voicing their views and making many positive, actionable suggestions. I have regularly championed the activism of educated and employed Indians, since survey after survey shows their continued apathy towards the system, so much so that the voter turnout in this category is low (which is the opposite of trends in more developed democracies). With best wishes and warm


Baijayant Panda
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