Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Orissa leads in student migrants in engineering and medicine

Dear Prof Baral:


Above article (originally by Indian Science Report) says:

"After Maharashtra, Rajasthan (5.9%) sends out highest number of students to pursue a degree in medicine to other states, followed by Orissa. In engineering,after Andhra Pradesh, highest number of migrants are from Orissa (4.5%) and Bihar (2.9%)".

Orissa becomes special because unlike the other four states in both medical and engineering educationOrissa comes under highest no. of students migrating to other states to pursue a degree. This is despite Orissa's low population compared to Maharastra, Bihar, Rajasthan and Anadra Pradesh. Orissa definitely lacks good national educational institute forcing students to migrate other states for both medical and engineering education. This makes another point for considering a national education institute in Orissa.

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The above email refers to the Table 2.11 in page 34 of

Amazing unrefutable data. Proves the point why Orissa needs an top notch Institute.
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