Sunday, November 06, 2005


Orissa seeks assistance from IITKGP and XLRI, Jamshedpur for improvement in its technical education

Govt of Orissa signs agreements with IITKGP and XLRI, jamshedpur for improving the quality of technical education in the state, in view of a good number of steel industries coming up in Orissa in near future.
In sharp contrast, the government fails to put enough pressure on the central govt to que up an IIT or an IIM in the state, which is quite genuine from the viewpoint of its strong infrastructural background!!
In addition, there are many different ways an institute of higher education and research can contribute: involvement in local and regional partnerships; links with local business and industry through targeted training and research consultancies; the establishment of research incubators, of science parks, of quasi autonomous R&D companies and the commercialisation of research via spin-off companies and patents; student placements in local businesses and the tying of student projects to the needs of businesses and local community groups; and through its wider role as part of a network of knowledge industries, a feature which itself is used in local and regional promotion to attract out-of-state and overseas inward investment.
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