Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Orissa's congress party has started showing some interest

Couple of days back one of the organizers of the Nov 6th Bhubaeswar convention (on the NIS IISER issue) recieved a call from the Congress Legislative Party leader's office (I.e., Mr. J.B. Pattnaik's office). Mr. Patnaik wants to meet the members of the steering committee that was formed at the end of the convention. Today evening, the steering committee is meeting, so probably they will decide the date for the meeting with Mr Pattnaik. Mr. Prasad Harichandan has already shown his interest on this and is in touch with the convention organizers.


Independently, I have talked to one of the youth congress leaders (who has an engineering degree from BITS Mesra and seemed very decent) and he is planning to go and meet some of the national level leaders of Congress on the NIS issue and hand them a letter.
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