Thursday, November 03, 2005


Pacifying Orissa with comparative peanuts

Some news emanating from unofficial sources mention that efforts are being made to placate Orissa through a new national level mettallurgical lab, and a Regional Centre of Studies in Integrated Sciences (RCSIS).

First, because of the surge of metal and metallurgical (steel, aluminium, rare earths etc.) industries in Orissa, there is a need for a national level mettallurgical lab in Orissa. This is not a substitute for IISER.

Second, any substitute of an IISER should have an investment of a similar magnitude, i.e., of the order of 500 crores. A 10 or 25 crore RCSIS is peanuts compared to the 500 crore IISER.
Hope our CM will now understand the importance of NIS/IISER.
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