Thursday, November 24, 2005


Report from Delhi

Dear All,

Its heartening to note that our MPs are as serious about IISER issue as we are. We at Delhi met some of them yesterday and most of them we were candid to do something on this issue. Particulalrly, Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan was very forthcoming and he has already initiated dialogue with other MPs and they are planning to go for a dharna today at 10.30 AM before Mahatma's statue in the Parliament vicinity. They are also going to raise the issue in the parliament. lets apreciate their role and avoid writing personal things that would hurt and divert the issue on hand.

So lets back our MPs in the earnest efforts. Some of us are trying to highlight the issue in the media. We have gone for a massive signature drive in JNU, DU, IIT, Oriya associations and together, we are doing a press relase this week.

Besides, a demonstration near parliament has been mooted as last resort, in case all these efforts in and out the Parliament go waste.

Keep the momentum and hope for the best.

Niranjan Sahoo
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