Thursday, November 03, 2005


Request to MPs Mr. Oram, Mr Tripathy and Mr. Pani

Dear Mr. Oram, Mr. Tripathy and Mr. Pani:

I and I am sure the people of Orissa appreciate that your party members
raised the question about NIS shifting in the parliament. We would like to thank
you, Mr. Tripathy and Mr. Pani very much for that.

But since we have been saying that the CM writing a letter or two is not enough, similarly
raising the issue in parliament, although a good step, should not be the only step.

Now that it is clear that not only a 500 Crore institute was stolen, it was also
an insult to PM Vajapayee's government (your government) as their decision
was reversed, and a slap in the face to Orissa; I hope you and your party members will
do more. Following are some suggestions.

-- Please call a press conference and use any other peaceful methods necessary so that
the national media covers it in their national editions; so that people of India, supporters
of PM Vajapayee all over India are aware of this heist, insult and slap.

-- Please talk to your party leadershipo in the center and convince the bigwigs such as
Mr. Vajapayee, Mr. Advani and Dr. Joshi to raise the issue at the national level.

-- Please write to various national level newspapers as op-ed letters. In this if it will
help I would be happy to co-write them with you. Or feel free to use all the
materials in

-- Please make an appointment with the planning comission and demand an answer from them. Why did they approve the shifting? They should be answerable to MPs.

-- Please request all your party bigwigs in Orissa to attend the
meeting on 6th of November at PG Council Conference Hall of Utkal University at 3 PM.

Finally, please do all this immediately.

best regards

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