Monday, November 28, 2005


Saubhagya's take on the GOI affidavit

Dear Friends,

The clarification from GOI as reported by The Statesman is no surprise in Indian bureaucracy. Though we are not sure what clarification was sought by The Orissa State Public Interest Protection Council this is no answer to us.

Of course these are two separate reports but for the same nation in the same direction. Our point is either GOI has deliberately changed the name of the institutions to avoid these matters covering them under the blanket of law or it has wasted resources already spend in the same direction by it's negligence. In either way it has disrespected democracy. It has surely disrespected people of Orissa in this issue by going ahead with it’s agenda to establish a IISER in Kolkata.

Under secretary Mr. Prem Kumar clarifies “No policy decision was finalized by the Central government for setting up any science institution at Bhubaneswar,” The Statesman. We do not have the exact affidavite but if the reports at national newspapers like The Statesman is the best summery this document sure do not have answer to the injustice done to Orissa.

Please see the dates below
Nov 28 – GOI clarification
Nov 09 - Stay order
Oct 30 - Prime minister was supposed to lay the foundation in Kolkata.
Oct 27 - Union Cabinet gives its approval to GOI
Oct 26 - High court summon to GOI

GOI got Cabinet approval just two days before PM was supposed to lay the foundation of IISER in Kolkata. Without cabinet approval the stage was all set for PM to lay the foundation stone at a huge expense to the nation! Why was this hurry!!

Many of our protest/request letters (including Hon'ble Chief Ministers’s) to reconsider BBSR must have reached much before this Cabinet decision/approval. Day before Orissa high court has already issued summon? At least this news would have reached the PMO. GOI clearly neglects people of Orissa in NIS/IISER issue.

The requirement of higher institutions of Science was a need felt by the Government under one ruling party. Then the next ruling party felt that the need is more severe and wanted to intensify the effort. Then why the previous government’s finding was dismissed? Who and when they dismissed the finding? How Govt of Orissa did not get a clue?

Why did not Govt start the work from where the previous Govt had left?

The finding was for the change in type of institution not change of place. If National Institution of Science is not the need of the time but Indian Institution of Science Education and Research, a much better institution in status and much costlier in expense, is the need, why place was changed not the project in previously declared places?

What about the important finding of regional imbalance in the same report 'India Science Report' upon which the scientific advisory board is recommending these IISERs?

The next High court proceeding is fast approaching. We need to present our issue the best way and keep the high court stay order as long as possible. The Orissa State Public Interest Protection Council is our representative here. I hope the council is following the Oriyas concerns in different online medias along with the regular approaches of understanding the issue.

Our questions remain unsolved until Bhuaneswar gets the first IISER of the nation if IISER is the need of the time.

Saubhagya Laxmi Mohapatra.

P.S. For the dates mentioned above visit the following link-
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