Sunday, November 20, 2005


Student convention on NIS - a great success (initial reports by Lalit Patnaik)

Here is an initial report.
Stay tuned for more detailed news.

Dear Chitta Babu,

Today's student convention at Utkal University is to be seen to be believed.
The Hall was full with Student Leaders from the nook and corner of Orissa. May be around 400+ Presidents and VP's and Secretaries of different Student Unions crossing accross party lines not only assembled but also presented their views and determination to carry out 5 point programme resolved in the forum.

The most important aspect is that all youth leaders of Orissa ( Juba janata, Juba BJD, Juba Congress and Secy AISF) were sitting in the same dias under the presidetship of Dr SK Tripathy and encouraging the student leaders to take up their programme in their respective colleges in a non-violent manner.

Agami Odisha has done a wonderful job of reuniting the students of Orissa.

I have a strong conviction that which you have sparked in electronic media is going to be accomplished by the students of Orissa under the banner of Agami Odisha and that may be the SWABHIMAN of ORIYA'S will get stirred up in the whole episode.

Although Delhi is a long way but still it can be done by end 2006 or early 2007. We the intellectuals have lot of home work to do and keep the movement warm.

Good Wishes,
Lalit Mohan Pattnaik
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