Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Times of India reports Orissa MPs accuse UPA govt of neglecting state

NEW DELHI: The alleged decision to locate the proposed National Institute of Science in Kolkata instead of Bhubaneswar generated much heat in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday with agitated Biju Janata Dal (BJD) members accusing the UPA government of consistently neglecting Orissa. At one point, the members even staged a dharna in the well of the House. Raising the issue during zero hour, Braja Kishore Tripathi alleged that a decision was taken by the NDA Government that the Institute would be located at Bhubaneshwar but the Manmohan Singh Government has now taken a "political decision" to shift it to Kolkata. The move, he alleged, had resulted in "unrest" among students and intellectuals in Orissa, which had been a victim of such "ill-treatment" in the past and does not have even a single IIT or IIM or any such Central institution. "Are we not in India?", he asked adding that when a BJD delegation gone to meet the Prime Minister sometime back to seek a financial package for the state "we were told that money does not grow on trees"

See,curpg-2.cms for the rest.
Great initiative by BJD MPs on NIS, it is appreciable.
Great job of BJD MPs, it is appreciable
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Oriyas are much more concern about national unity and integrity. So the speaker need not be worried about that.

There is limit for everything. The congress party at the center always neglected Orissa. However, the PM
being a much sensible, educated and modern leader should have taken care a bit. There is "money trees" for many things but not for Orissa! How sad.
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