Thursday, November 24, 2005


TOI article on NIS needed

Lalit Patnaik mentioned that in today's TIMES OF INDIA, Bhubaneswar edition, the NIS issue is in the front page and it has appreciated the intellectuals outside the State and also inside the State for gearing up the movement and more so of flooding PM's and other VVIP office with e-mails.

We would appreciate it very much if someone can send the article to me, so that it can be archived. (



Heartfelt thanks to Rajaram babu for senidng the articles that appeared in TOI on Nov 24th and 25th.

Chitta 11/25/05
Nice to know that BBSR edition of TOI has published NIS issue on front page.But it is necessery to be published from other cities too.So, I also support the idea of Prof. Chitta Babu that our CM or any other MP should write a op-ed in some national daily.Then only whole nation will be aware of this injustice to our mother land.
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