Monday, November 21, 2005


Top Class Education in Orissa, IISER is thy name

When i was a child in 60's, England was the destination for all brilliant students and it was so since last 2 centuries. And may be by attracting world wide intellectuals, and feeding them food, it could retain the affection of best brains of the world and expanded it's horizon through out the World in 18th and 19th century.
When i grew up in 80's, America was the destination for all brilliant students and it was so in 20th century and may be because of feeding the best brains it could
snatch away the power from all erstwhile powerful countries.

If we look back Bihar(Magadha) was powerful when Institution NALANDA was shinning.

During after British Raj Bengalis, Bombaytes, Madrasis, Keralites and Delhite prospored because of Good Institutions nearby.

Orissa lacked good institution then and the present position is simply a clear cut out come of that and let us not blame or focus any where else.

Now the situation is different. Oriya's have gathered knowledge and wisdom by learning in top class institutions in America and England and are ready to promote top class institutions in Orissa.

What we have to do is built an Institution.
Why not an IISER?
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