Thursday, November 24, 2005


Update from Bhubaneswar

Dear All,

Please find below the updates of the activities on the issue of NIS undertaken by Agamee Odisha and some of the immediate forth coming events.

1. Student representatives have visited the honourable members of legislative assembly and given each of them a memorandum to pursue the matter in the assembly.

2. Mr Lalit Mohan Pattanaik has been given a memorandum to the MPs and a copy of the letter to the PM, each letter having a signature of nearly 250 students. Any of our members residing in New Delhi wants to be in touch with Mr.Pattanaik, please contact him on his cell or in the City International Hotel where he'd be staying. Mr Pattanaik would be visiting the MPs during his 3 days
stay in Delhi - from 24th Nov to 27th Nov.

3. Agamee Odisha members have visited and talked to Mr.J.B.Pattanaik and some of the MLAs on this issue.

4. Etv is planning to cover the issue of NIS in their prime time news on 7 pm. Mr. Subhranshu Panda who is planning this event has been told to visit and Agamee Odisha yahoogroups site to get details on this issue.

5. A peaceful/silent rally (with candle/torch) would be organized with students and senior citizens by the 1st week of December. Exact date of the event will be anounced very soon.

6. Preparations are going on for the post card campaign in colleges across the state.

With this we would request all our members to kindly come in large members to extend their help in organizing this events and keep our spirit high.

Thank you

Supriti Mishra

Agamee Odisha
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