Thursday, December 01, 2005


CPI(M) leaders have a funny sense of humor: For them pointing out injustice causes bad blood but doing injustice is ok, as they did it.

it is reported that:

"The CPI(M) leaders said the BJP while referring to the gunning down of BJP MLA Krishananand Rai in Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh yesterday, sought to give it a communal colour.

They also said the Opposition was questioning the government's decision to locate the proposed National Institute of Science in Kolkata instead of Bhubaneswar and in the process causing bad blood between neighbouring states. "

This is really funny; pointing out injustice is causing bad blood, but doing injustice such as using a subterfuge (such as changing the name from NIS to IISER and a few other things) to steal an already announced (by the HRD minister, by UGC, by the President of India) institute is not causing bad blood.
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