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Dear esteemed MP Mr. Oram: please request HRD ministry for a breakdown on higher education funding across the country

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Dear esteemed MP Mr. Oram:

Please request the HRD ministry in the center for a state wise breakdown of spending by their higher education department, for the last year
and beyond (say last10, 20, 50 years).

Eventhough the inequity of higher education HRD spending among states is obvious by knowing which states have IITs, IIMs, central universities etc, it seems we need that data to convince the national media and the powers in Delhi about our fight regarding the subterfuge adopted to shift an announced (by the president and HRD minister) NIS (National Institute of Sciences) in Bhubaneswar.

( For proof of the above see: )

Please raise this question in the parliament.

Please suggest the HRD ministry that even if they do not maintain that data, it should be easy to calculate as they should have the data about the budgets of various institutes and UGC grants to the universities and the state these institutes and universities are located in.

I am copying this message to the esteemed planning commission members, whose job is to maintain balance across India and who from the various indications have done an extremely poor job so far with respect to higher education.

They have done a decent job with respect to many other fields though.
For that they deserve our sincere thanks.

I sincerely hope that the planning commission, the prime minister and the national media do not believe that only people in certain states should have easy access to higher education and others such as in Orissa,
Chhatisgarh, Rajasthan etc. do not. Many in Orissa have started having doubts and they say:

Why else would the planning commission rubber stamp the government's decision to rename NIS to IISER and remove the announced one from Bhubaneswar? (Even when the President of India, as well
as the HRD minister had made a formal announcement on this and had prepared a 45 page detailed project report on this!)

( For proof of the above see: )

Why else the rest of the planning commission members have not gone out and publicly supported the esteemed education member Prof. Mungekar's view that the new IITs should be regionally balanced, and there is still news about some states having 3 IITs and 2 IITs while others have none.
See for more thoughts on this.

Why else, the planning commission has not thought about having central universities in backward district clusters of India. How can these districts improve if teachers, doctors, etc. refuse to go there? (In case it is not obvious to them, the answer is by producing their own teachers and doctors, which can happen if central universities are established there.) See for more thoughts on this.

In general, why else it has not bothered the planning commission, the PM
and the national media (beyond what seems like a lip service by our esteemed PM on the day he announced establishment of IISERs) that many states in India do not have top quality HRD ministry funded
higher education institutions such as IIT, IIM, IISc, Central Univs etc., while others have multiples of them? And even when this has been pointed out to the planning commission, the PM, and the national press, they all have decided to keep mum!

What happened to India's great tradition of impartial planning commission members and statesman PMs who cared about all of India, not just the states that supported the existing government in the election?

What happened to the national media, who rightly scream when a starvation death happens in Kalahandi, but who don't seem to care
when root issues like inequity in education is pointed out to them?
They don't seem to notice that this issue has rocked Orissa and there
is almost daily coverage of this in the Orissa media, including the Orissa editions of the national newspapers. Why can't the national media do an investigative piece on how higher education money in the HRD ministry is spread across states? This will have more impact on the common people of India than the Volcker report on which their eyes seem to be fixated.

Since despite thousands of letters to the PM (even several by the Orissa
chief minister) and letters to the planning commission, and the national media, no response has been received, I hope the MPs of NDA (because of whose openness and transparency, in that they put many of the National Institute of Science documents in the web, we were able to see various documents on NIS and thus discover the heist) and former ministers
will strongly raise the NIS renaming and shifting issue in the parliament as well as in the media and help the HRD ministry reverse its course from greater inequity to an equal India.


Chitta Baral

Department of computer Science & Eng.
Arizona State University
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