Thursday, December 01, 2005


Does not the President's announcement mean something?

In, and
it is said that:

"...National Institutes of Sciences ...These institutes would be established at Allahabad near Allahabad University, at Chennai near Anna University, at Pune near Pune University and at Bhuvaneshwar near Utkal University. ... Formal announcement for setting up of these Institutes was made by HE President of India on December 28, 2003 on occasion of the concluding ceremony of the Golden Jubilee of the UGC. ..."

Does not the President's announcement mean something these days?

Forget not caring about Orissa or punishing Orissa for not voting for UPA, how low can UPA sink in its desire to appease its coalition partners so as to dare to insult the President by going back on his formal announcement, by removing Bhubaneswar (Allahabad and Chennai) and adding Kolkata?

How low can the planning commission and the cabinet sink to rubber stamp such insult?

best regards
Chitta Baral
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