Monday, December 12, 2005


Governor's Observation on NIS

Dear All,

The meeting of intellectuals with the Governor on the issue of NIS during the 'Citizen's Rally' on 11th Dec. 2005, holds much importance as Mr. Rameshwar Thakur, the Hon’ble Governor, is also an academician himself. The 20 minutes discussion with him went on very well. He was well aware of the issue and all the developments related to the NIS movement. Some of the key points of his observation and suggestions are:

1. Odisha does not have a good institution for high quality basic science education with research facilities. However, as the state is going for massive industrialization the need for such facilities are urgent and should be given priority.

2. Activists should take up one demand at a time. People involved in the movement should have a single demand, i.e. for NIS, instead of creating confusions by demanding for central university or any other thing in addition to that.

3. PIL as a method may delay the process of actualization of the demand. The Government would always find reasons not to take any decision on this issue under the plea of the matter being subjudiced.

4. Honourable Members of Parliament from Orissa must raise this issue in the parliament irrespective of their party affiliation. Members of Agamee Odisha going to Delhi for the 16th Dec. demonstration must coordinate with all the MPs and urge them to actively support the cause. In this context, he appreciated the role of Agamee Odisha, particularly its apolitical stand, taken on the issue.

5. He will definitely take up the matter with the center and strongly recommend for the establishment of NIS in Orissa.

Let's keep the movement alive and vibrant till we reach the goal

Supriti Mishra

Agamee Odisha
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