Saturday, December 10, 2005


Intellectual rally in Bhubaneswar on Dec 11th -- Lalit Patnaik's preparatory report from Bhubaneswar


MP Mohan Jena is coming from Jajpur along with his group to join the rally. MP Archana Naik has arranged meeting with Governor at 10.45 am. She will join the rally with her 100 friends. MP Dharmendra Pradhan is also joining with his group. Mr Bibhuti Mohanty, Ex president U.U, is also joining with his friends.Mr Ajit Das, eminent Lawer will also join with hislawer friends. Mr Ajay Pattnaik, prominent Industrialist, will also join with his friends. All will proceed under the Banner of "Agami Odisha" led by Dr. Tripathy, Mr Suderson, Mrs Supriti Mishra. Let us wish all of us success.

lalit pattnaik
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