Saturday, December 03, 2005


Lalit Patnaik's report from Bhubaneswar

Dear Chitta,


We assembled in UU in the evening under the banner Agami Orissa.
Intellectuals were informed about a bigger meeting at 3.30pm tomorrow to chalk out plan of action atleast for one more month.

The student Mashal meet was deffered to 8th instant for a better participation.

Dr tripathy went to "O" TV discussion pannel and i handed him the 45 page down loaded DPR which is to be shown in the broadcast for better understanding of TV watchers.

MP Dharmendra Pradhan has reached bbsr as promised and will also join the meeting at 3.30pm on 4th.

Many top intellectuals including Sahadev Sahu will be joining to-morrow.
Our main aim is participation of top intellectuals of Orissa and students in this movement.

MP Archana Naik has telephoned about our Dharana Programme at DELHI.

At 9.30 pm OTV has aired the "BISHES DRUSTI" programme on NIS. Dr Tripathy and Ex-VC of Sanskrit university have propagated our mission nicely.All posible anti points were clarified by them in a transparent manner. Many apeople must have seen it and i was also watching it. It will further enhance and confirm to people that what we are telling is more close to truth than what the Central Govt. has filed in HC.

Last but not the least, the 45 page DPR document must have been seen by atleast 4-5 lakhs of people in and around this twin cities. Atleast all of them, by now, knows that there are detailed document in support of our stand.


Lalit Bhai
It is nice to know the concern and effort of our people. We have to continue fighting.

Thanks to every body involved. Many thanks to our MPs.
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