Sunday, December 04, 2005


Lalit Patnaik's report from Bhubaneswar

Dear Friends,

Our movement has no time to look back.

To-day at 3.30 pm in Faculty Club of UU, intellectuals started flooding in with one day notice call by Agami Orissa for Bhubaneswar. Many a new faces arrived. This speaks volumes of interest and enthusisim created in past one month. As a token of instant financial support all of them donated Rs 100/- each.

MP Debendra Pradhan came from farthest place of Delhi to attend the meeting and Inside Orissa Er Ashesh Padhi, Secretary UCE Alumni came from Hirakud.

Following programme chalked out:-

11.12.05(9am) Intellectual Rally from AG square to Raj Bhawan. Memorandum to be submited to Governor

16.12.05 Rally at Junter Munter New Delhi.Memorandum to be submited to PM.

All are requested to do whatever they can but with following policy.

1/ No accusition to any party or any individual.

2/ The focus of speaker's should be only on NIS in Orissa and nothing else.

3/ Whoever comes in support of our cause are with us (oriya or non-oriya).

Mrs Supriti Mishra, Mr Suderson Das and Dr SK Tripathy are doing wonderful job

at bbsr.

Just now MP Mrs Archana Naik telephoned from Delhi and assured me of her full support for the cause at Delhi and that she will mobilise all personnel from Kendrapada residing at delhi and that there number will not be less than a thousand.She also told me that she will be coming to bbsr on 9th to interact with all of us and leave for Delhi on 12th Dec'05.

Please tell all your contact person at Delhi to keep atleast one day free for the cause of Orissa and assemble at Junter Munter at 10 am. We have to show our SWABHIMAN at Delhi.

Dr Tripathy and myself will be proceeding to Delhi early.

Odia Samaj & Agami Odisha Jindabad!

lalit mohan pattnaik
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