Wednesday, December 28, 2005


List of centrally funded Institutes in West Bengal

This email, i sent to my friends

Dear Friends
We are now quite aware of on going issues of NIS / IISER. We decided to fight, till we achieve it, even there are plans to fight for years, (kindly refer to earlier posting by Prof. Baral, in this website

I was just reading a report [1] on “upgrading the existing institutes” to IITs (seven more). It is just important to note that, West Bengal, AP and UP will have two IITs each, in addition to, the esteemed institutes already belong to these states.

Whether, the proposal will come true for AP and UP or not, WB will definitely make it due to their political support to UPA govt.

In addition, WB has proposals for an IIFT (Indian Institute of Foreign trade) which will be approved soon.

In total, WB would have about twenty (20) centrally funded institutes [1, 2, 3, 4, 5], let’s count
(1) IITs Jadavpur, new IIT
(2) Bengal Engineering Colleg, new IIT
(3) One existing, IIT KGP, Hijacked from Orissa
(4) One IISER, Hijacked from Orissa
(5) One IIFT, proposed. in addition to
(6) One existing IIM, Kolkata
(7) IIIT, Kolkata (Not centrally funded)
(8) ISI Kolkata
(9) Bose Institute Kolkata
(10) Saha Institutes of Nuclear Physics
(11) S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata
(12) Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata
(13) Visva Bharati, Santiniketan, Central University
(14) Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, Jadarpur, Calcutta
(15) Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Durgapur
(16) Central Drug Research Laboratory, Calcutta
(17) Indian Institute for Biochemistry and Experimental Medicines, Calcutta
(18) Indian Paint Research Association, Calcutta
(19) All India Institute of hygiene and public Health, Calcutta
(20) Royal Botanical Gardens, Botanical Survey of India, Shivpur, Howrah

How many of these national institutes, we have in Orissa? practically NONE !!!!

This is only an example of higher education and institutions; there are many other instances, where our state is behind other states. Who is responsible for this? People of West Bengal? Definitely NOT.

The people of Orissa who hold responsible for this; this due to our lack of interests, unity and patriotic feelings for the sake of our motherland, Orissa. Consequently, Orissa is known to be one of the poorest states in our country. It hurts me to note that, even a security guard in Bangalore feels that Orissa is poor. We are happy with the existing conditions, we are happy to go to other cities and work there, get some money if possible settle there, Bangalore is cool !!!

As a young man, if I ask this question, who is responsible for the present status of our state? Answer is, the political leaders and every citizen, a few generations senior to us. Our generation is not responsible.

My dear colleagues and friends please contribute to the state in every possible way and join the movements to make Orissa, one of the glorious states and let us erase all the “poor” adjectives, attached to it. Please put forth your ideas to make long-term strategies.

We are answerable to our future generation. At the end of the year, we have to work hard!

Best regards
Manoj Kumar Pradhan, PhD


Thanks to sibasis Bhai (Dr. Sibasis Acharya, Clausthal, Germany, for the data and suggestions)
Its to West Bengal's credit that they have so many institutions. Lets hope we are inspired by it.

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