Wednesday, December 21, 2005


NIS Movement----past and future

Dear All,

The movement on NIS has come to a stage, where there is a need for introspection of our past activities and formulating future strategies. As planned at the beginning, we had the People’s Convention, then StudentsUnion leaders Convention, then torch light procession of the students, then Citizen’s March to Governor House and finally Dharana (Protest March) in front of Parliament at Delhi.

Other activities in supports of these phases of movements were i) writing letters to and meeting with the MLAs, which could create a kind of situation whereby the MLAs were forced to raise the issue in the assembly resulting in formation of an all party MLA delegation to meet the prime minister. II) Writing to and meeting with MPs individually which could prompt them to come together in support of the issue including raising it in the floor of Parliament. III) Writing letters to and meeting with important academicians/intellectuals of the state to build up solid support base behind the cause. IV) Mobilising the press/media in favour of the movement. These were done by Agamee Odisha by utilizing its full potentials from all respect. We are deeply moved by enthusiastic support from different corners/individuals for the success of the movements.

The other initiatives such as filing of PIL in the High Court, public actionby Kalinga Sena, Neela Chakra, Samajwadi Party, People’s Convention by CPIM have immensely helped the movement to grow strength by strength. We all from Agamee Odisha would like to thank all of them for their such act of strengthening the movement on NIS. There is a remarkable positive message we get from this movement-students wings of both left and right and ruling and opposition could come together in this movement at different stages. There are enough of reasons of satisfaction on the part of our members and supporters on the success of the movement at different stages. But complacencyshould not engulf us. Nor we should think that we have done enough and now we would be getting NIS. Of course the statement of the Govt in the floor of theParliament is to be observed, which would largely influence our further course of action. But our movement is to continue with more vigour, with more participation and giving it a horizontal dimension. We need to spread the movement to different parts of the state. Different programmes are to be organised at district headquarters, at places of strategic importance. Oriyas staying outside of the state in places like Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai need to be motivated to undertake some kind of public action. That’s why we plan to give a call “ODIYA SWAVIMAN JAGARANA YATRA” to gather more and more support in favour of the cause and the movement. Campaigns indifferent forms like public meetings, processions, submitting memorandums, torchlight processions, sending letters to the PM etc will be undertaken in whole ofthe month of January at different places of Orissa and out side. This will help us coming out of a kind of accusation that this is an elitist movement where common men have nothing to do. We call upon the Oriyas to take part in this JAGARANA YATRA more in number with greater spirit. We also request Oriya artists at different places to contribute in their way in protesting against the centre’s discrimination and in support of the movement. Let us take a vow-we will not sit silent till our demand is achieved.

Sudarsan Das

Agamee Odisha
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