Sunday, December 11, 2005


NIS Update: Intellectuals submitted memorandum to Governor

Bhubaneswar, Dec 11, 2005:

Today the intellectuals of Orissa really rose to the occasion. The Sunday morning of 11th December 2005 was not the usual ideal Sunday morning for the 150 odd intellectuals who came down to the busy streets of A.G. square in Bhubaneswar to submit a memorandum to the Hon’ble Governor demanding for the setting up of National Institute of Science in Orissa. The rally was organized under the banner of Agamee Odisha and attended by academicians, lawyers, medical practitioners, industrialists, MPs, politicians, retired bureaucrats, executives, students and social activists, who silently marched towards the Governor House to demand for NIS in Orissa. A delegation of five persons – Padmashree Debi Prasanna Pattanaik, Mr. D.K.Roy (Chairman, Kalinga Hospital & Ex-D.G. Income Tax), Prof. Digambar Mishra (State University of Alabama, USA), Mr. L.M. Pattanaik (President, Nalco employees’ union) and Prof. S.K.Tripathy (Utkal University) - submitted a memorandum to the Governor in this regard.

A memorandum was also submitted by the students to the Chief Minister for the same cause on 8th Dec. 2005 after the ‘Mashaal Samavesh’ in the PMG square (near state assembly). The Samavesh had a participation of nearly 200 students.

The movement for ‘NIS in Orissa’ has gained real momentum with wide participation of people from across the civil society, all of whom have come together for a single cause in the interest of the state. We thank all our members who have been with us throughout the movement and look forward to their active support for all the forthcoming events. The next event is a ‘Demonstration rally at Jantur Mantur, New Delhi’ on 16th December. We will request all our members in New Delhi to participate in the event and make it successful. Kindly contact Dr. S.K.Tripathy (cell no. 09338212251), Mr. L.M.Pattanaik (cell no. 09338232298), Mr. Niranjan Sahu (cell no. 093112397516) or Mr. Gyana Ranjan Swain (09871690087) for any information on this event.

Source: Supriti Mishra on behalf of Agami Orissa.
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