Friday, December 02, 2005


Orissa should not ask or beg to be a special category state

Today's Sambada reports that the demand for Orissa to be a special category state is rebuffed yet again.

I think Orissa should not ask for this. This will not fly with other states, and is a losing battle.

Instead Orissa should identify specific instances where it has been overlooked or deprived and ask for their mitigation. This includes a pushing for a national insititure like an NIS/IIT/IISc etc.; a central university in KBK (see, one of the proposed new IITs (see, better infrastructure such as roads (Vijayawada-Ranchi highway) through the backward parts of Orissa, etc.

The current government has taken good steps towards the road, railways, ports etc. With respect to the central government they should start stressing on HRD, especially about the above mentioned 3 items.

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