Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Our demand "IISER Bhubaneswar". It's time to make it bold, make it formal.

See the Opinoin of Saubhagya Laxmi Mohapatra.Editor, WorldORISSA. on NIS/IISER.
She is absolutely right on her demand, We need IISER back in Bhubaneswar.
Regards Dhirendra

Orissa Needs your help. NIS/IISER Home
Our demand "IISER Bhubaneswar". It's time to make it bold, make it formal.
Many terms are being used for the proposed higher education institutions of science in in India. IISER, NIS, NIS like IISC, science center etc. Certainly our claim is to establish one in Bhubaneswar that is equivalent to the one to be established in Pune. It's time now to bring one of the IISER to Orissa, while realizing the concerned authorities that the NIS’ an institution in the same direction was already in progress. GOI should take decision to establish IISER in Bhubaneswar, as it is doing for Pune.

IISER and NIS are two different ones. They have different status and vastly different scope and budget level. The similarity is in the direction, in the goal, that is “to use higher-level science education for the progress of the nation”.
An NIS, NIT or NI for any ABC discipline is an institute of national importance, where as IISER, IISc, IITs, IIMs are institutions of international importance. You might have noticed the official documents say “an NIS in the line of IISc”. An NIS is not an IISc but it is a miniature form of the first. Asking for NIS is like we have decided to compromise even before the fight has began. This is like giving the permission to the center to choose our neighbors over us. We should not ask what we were promised for but what we deserve. That is an “IISER”. This Government has an IISER to offer and that should be our demand. We might use NIS/IISER in our discussions but we should put IISER in our demand. But using only NIS is like clearing the way for IISER Kolkata. Whatever we say NIS, IISER or NIS like IISc B'lore, I believe every one of us is meaning an IISER (Indian Institute of Science for Education and Research) just like IISER, Pune but we need to make it formal in all our communications and demands.

NIS in Bhubaneswar was the need of the time when it was supposed to be built. It was a concept of development half a decade back. Time runs first these days. India has changed a lot since then. Our mass protest, which has involved Oriyas, worldwide, there we need to demand an IISER. This is because need has already been felt and the process has already been initiated and if we do not rise for it now, we will soon lose the chance for many decades to come. It is high time for GOI to spend for higher education institutions in Orissa. Above all how much we spend in the name of any institutions, GOI is the only authority to bring the institutions of the status of IIT, IIM, IISc.

When GOI decided to go for Institutions of science for international standard again the question must have come for four, in four regions. For south IISc, Balngalore is already there. In north being the nations capital region is flooded with national and international level institutions, head quarters of all research institutes. So it might not have been difficult, not to offer north an IISER in an urgent basis. In west, instead of NIS Pune, GOI decided to establish IISER. So our demand is to build an IISER in Bhubaneswar to cater the eastern region of the country, as has been decided for the West . Rather I would repeat my demand that nation’s first IISER should come to Orissa, as it is the most deserving destination. There should not be any other institutions of Science of International importance in the eastern region before the Bhubaneswar project is finished.

Editor, WorldORISSA.com
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