Thursday, December 01, 2005


Report on Orissa MP's Protest in Sambad (In Oriya)

This is a new begining in the history of Orissa politics. Our MPs are raising an issue on the floor of the parliament and demanding a responnse from the Govt. which is deaf to the thousand of letters sent by concerned citizens across the Globe. In a democratic set up, all that matters is People's Mandate. So it is the time of introspection for Oriya people to think,who can protect their intrest. We have not heard any response from Congress Mps. Are they spineless to open their mouth against their puppet leader ( Dr. Man Mohan Singh). I had high respect for Dr. Singh, but that is gone. He proved it he is just another puppet and fully remote controlled.

Now it is the time for ,our esteemed Rajya Sabha Members to raise this issue in the Upper house too.
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