Monday, January 09, 2006


Analysis on things not working on our side

Dear all
We put enoromous effort in bringing in the NIS issue into media, unveiled the loopholes -UGC report and so on, made several silent protests, even brought in an interim stay in the smooth going IISER in Kolkata.
We did everyhting to put a (onetime) No. 7 online petition ever, made it to bring in Dr. Joshi and BJP talking in our favor, our senior cetizens approached vehemently, personally and through community to the able mind and resposnible people for making a move of the NIS and making our stand clear on the injustice. But to what avail?
Were we ever assured after several online/offline meetings by the GoI that our case will be given a second thought?
Were we ever assured that yes its a flaw, its an injustice, its a regional imbalance?
What we got in return instead?
1. Statements: "Money is not grown in trees"
" There was never one such proposal for NIS"
2. Actions: PIL was challenged by central government
and countless such ignorance to the sentiments of the oriya people?
The reason?
Perhaps we have to sit and analyse that we are lacking something:
a. what Jayalalitha is capable of doing,
b. what left is able to grab,
c. what is possible within the capacity of Mashelkar
and so on..
Its time we need a useful thought to be put in, more diplomatically, more politically, rather than going on working tirelessly with rosy rosy results in the begining and fruits being tasted by somebody else.
For sure Orissa cant produce a PM to have a IISER in Orissa (if the Punjab lilnk of present PM is to be counted). But we can draw a thin line of resistance which can force all those behind the decission to think twice!!
OR a cmoplete alternative is coming up of a pan-american university, completely funded by Non-resident-oriyas of the stature better than IISc, and having a bigger percentage of seat used by them. Its certainly not difficult to get several foreign univ collaborations for the above purpose.
SO are we ready for either of the above analysis to be materialised.
Its really call of the mother land, to be attended..

IISc, Bangalore
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