Monday, January 09, 2006


Update on NIS/IISER - Baripada chapter opened

Email update by Mr. Lalit Pattnaik
forwared by Ms. Saubhagya Laxmi Mohapatra

Dear Friends,

This is a not so bad news. And we are not perturbed by this announcement of GOI.
Rather this indicates to the peoples of Orissa that GOI is aboslutely not bothered about the sentiments and requirements of Odisaha. GOI knows very well that when no bearth in Ministry was given to Orissa, Oriya's comfortably digested it similiarly if no Central funded institute will be given, Oriy's will also digest it.

However ,as planned, to mobilise support for NIS issue, the first district level co-ordination meeting was started yesterday, i.e. 8th January 2006(Sunday) at Baripada.

Around 40 Intellectual and 15 students( totalling 55) gathered in The Community Hall of Baripada, just infront of Collectorate. Ex Principal MPC college Mr Deepak Kumar Sarangi, President Bar Association with many Lawers, Professors and lecturers of MPC college, Social activists and prominent Lady Citizen of Baripada were present in the august gathering.

From Bhubaneswar Mrs Archana Naik, Mr Suderson, Dr Santosh, Mr Papu, my self and OSA Vice President Mr Dhirendra Kar joined the gathering at around 4 PM. The meeting continued upto 7PM and all were very enthusiastic about the Concept and our work. They said they are going to submit a memorandum for PM to Collector on 9th Dec'05 and take up Agami Odisha work in full speed.
An Agami Odisha group was formed and unanimously Mr. Bibek Pattnaik.was made the Conveynor for Baripada Chapter.

We all have promised to our selves at Baripada that NIS will come into existance in April 2006 at Bhubaneswar.

A Book on NIS is going to be released by Mr Chitta Baral and Dhirendra Kar at Hotel Marrion, Bhubaneswar at 7.30 PM to day. We are marching ahead and nothing can stop us from achieving our desired goal, i.e. NIS.

lalit pattnaik
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