Sunday, January 08, 2006


Where do we go from here after the announcement of third IISER

The decission taken by UPA Govt has a clear edge of ignorance over the constant appeal of Odiyas which either was never heard by whatever means we adopted, or was not in the way it was expected to be heard, to be precise like the way its heard elsewhere, with non-violence.
How can a committee or Govt go on ignoring such an appeal which lead to so many zero-hour publicity in the parliament (thanks to the media for covering all those)?
There are two ways I see from here, as we go about, (I would sincerely beg to differ from those who have difference in opinion).
First: We calmly wait for the decission to happen, and least hoping that Orissa will get a fair share on regional equity basis.
Second: We uncalmly wait for the decission to happen with the rule that the injustice is going to be dear for the central govt.
Can we still stick to plan-2, where in the center is forcing Orissa to become another Manipur?
Why should we be constantly neglected with the backdrop of some people, who operate from other than the post of the political portfolio, but keep a strong hold on biased decission?
Bande Utkal Janani
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