Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Why IISER was announced at Chandigarch hurridly: Analysis

Dear All,
Its bit surprising for me that if the govt of India
(GOI) had to announce few more IISER, it would have
announced together one in North (Chandigarh) and other
in South (similar to Pune and Kolkata), as mentioned
by CNR Rao. It might be the reason that GOI has
nothing concrete to proof in Orissa hight court now so
that it could come out of it in next three months and,
further raising public protest in Orissa, which
together could delay functioning of IISER at Kolkata.
So not to delay functioning of the institute (which
was supposed to start in July 2006) it has hurridly
announced next one at Chandigarh. GOI has not chosen
Orissa for next IISER because GOI has been saying in
the court that Bhubaneswar was not in the list for any
proposed institute, so to keep its word and to make
sure IISER comes at Kolkata (due to left lobby), the
GOI is technically avoiding all our protests to fight
in the high court for IISER at Kolkata.

Therefore, we should continue our protest and raise
the issue during Ms Sonia Gandhi's visit to Orissa. We
should also request our MPs to continue their strong
protest in the parliament, and our MPs (irrespetive of
any political party) team from Orissa presonally
should handover the prepared booklet to the prime
minister, president, vice-president, speaker, H & R
minister, former H & R minister Dr Joshi, Mr Advani,
Mr Vajpayee, Mr Fernandese, left leaders, Ms Sonia
Gandhi, and PM-SAC committee to get a stonger effect
from it.

On the other side, it is also important to handover
the booklet to the concern advocate who is handling
the issue in Orissa High Court. We should try our best
to give all our support to the people who are dealing
it legally because legally our fight would be much
stronger and if we could win in the court GOI might be
forced to full fill our demand.

My conscience tells that there is greater chance that
next two IISER would be in Chennai and Bhopal (Arjun
Singh's place).

There is also a plan by H & R Minister to make Bhopal
University as a central university soon. Orissa govt's
demand of making Sambalpur University (which has many
similarities with Bhopal University like tribal
dominant area, same standard education, nearly same
time of establishment etc) as central university is
pending since a long time with H & R ministry of GOI.

So all of us, Oriyas and Orissa lovers, have to act
patiently and think that this the begining of our
protest in any form. Our protest should get higher
momentum in each step that we take in any form
irrespective of GOI's announcements for any other
region and states except Orissa.

Thank you very much.
With best regards
Digambara Patra
Tokyo, Japan
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