Sunday, February 12, 2006


BJP demanded Central funds for establishment of a regional centre of the AIIMS and NIS in Orissa: Statesman

BJP raps UPA govt for rise in extremism

Statesman News Service

KORAPUT, Feb. 12. — The state unit of the BJP played the tribal card to the hilt today. Sensing that the Naxalite menace was a major problem in tribal areas of the state, it blamed the Congress for the growth of extremism in the country. Mr Vinay Katiyar, the general secretary of the party, who had come to Jeypor to attend the state executive committee meeting, alleged that involvement of Indian minorities in terrorist activities, had risen since the UPA came to power. He blamed the UPA government for creating artificial scarcity of wheat in the country to suit its own interest by importing 5 lakh tons of wheat from Australia. He demanded immediate withdrawal of the orders as it would effect the wheat farmers of the country to a great extent. By the time the wheat reaches India the wheat production in the country will be at its peak and the farmers will be in deep trouble, he added. Mr Katiyar criticised the UPA government for supporting the USA and compromising the interest of the country. The central party leader however, avoided questions on internal problems of the party including those on Uma Bharati. Mr Juel Oram, the state BJP president, said that the reasons behind organising the state executive body meeting at Jeypore was that the party had been represented by a good number of tribal leaders compared to any other party. Hence, to give justice to the tribal representatives, the executive body meeting was organised in the tribal dominated district of Koraput. In its resolution, the state unit of the BJP did a virtual turnaround on the Kalinga Nagar problem. Earlier, it was bitterly critical of the manner in which the entire incident was handled by the state government but today it expressed concern over the displaced people and yet praised the government for accepting the proposals of the party on the issue. The BJP executive urged the state government to introduce a flawless policy on displacement and felt that the constitution of a ministerial committee in this connection was most appropriate. The party also demanded to include all the proposed projects of Orissa in the railway budget and allocate adequate funds. It demanded Central funds for establishment of a regional centre of the AIIMS and NIS in Orissa apart from inclusion of all the districts under the National Rural Employment Guarantee programme.
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