Thursday, March 02, 2006


A site to file grievances

Dear all:

I came across the site
from a posting in the Orissa Today group.

Let us all use it to lodge our grievences with respect to the
NIS and HRD-NH issues.

They are supposed to respond.

The link has email
addresses of the people who are supposed to answer the grievences.

NMMC standing committee chairman Sandeep Naik announces competing audit backlog in 8 months.
The Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik returned the audit report of the Law Committee, NMMC FRU Hospital and PWD and the special audit of the H B Bhise contract for supplying vehicles, labor and equipments for the removal of encroachments, demanding that the reports be submitted when the Municipal Commissioner is present at the meeting. In the absence of the Commissioner the Chairman expressed futility on accepting the report without assurance of any compliance or period limit for compliance.
Chairman Sandeep Naik voiced confidence of completing the audit backlog within the next 8 months so that the future general body and standing committee could have a clear reflection it in their functioning. This is the first time in the 14 years history of NMMC's elected body that a Standing Committee Chairman accorded such importance to compliance of audit direction, which is the only tool to stem out mal-practice in the civic administration.
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