Thursday, December 01, 2005


The claim that NIS and IISER are totally different is bogus

The cliam that NIS and IISER are totally different is bogus; there are some changes in them; but that is natural when an institution evolves from a concept to closer to reality, or when the person in charge (HRD M) changes. Both happened this time.

Otherwise every building, every institution, every XYZ that changes a bit in the middle can be claimed to be a new thing than the original plan. It does not happen that way. The people in charge who made the changes do not claim that they have done something new, only that they made some changes.

Thus IISER is not something new with respect to NIS.

(The following analogy may make it clear to Mr. Acharya who questioned this. Mr. Basudeb Acharya is definitely evolved from what he was at 10, at 20 and so on. But he is still Basudeb Acharya, the son of his parents. Not someone different. He will still be Basudeb Acharya if he grows -- or shaves off -- his beard, or cuts all his hair, or gets another degree, or has a spending budget 10 times more, etc. He will still be the son of his parents even if he changed his name.)

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